Gatsby - A Rock/Blues band from 1970. The band was based on the Columbia University Campus, NYC., in Spring 1970. The atmosphere was electric.
Slim Shady - A loser kind a guy, sad to say ! " Life is Good "
Curtis Mayfield - The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Composer and Singer. Freddie is NOT dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drummer 2000 - Drummer is alive and well into the 21st century.
Internet Art - The new digital rage, Internet Art ! Digital art created solely for the Internet audience.
Mr Guitar - The illustrious Mr Guitar rides again..................and away we go
Mr New goes to Outer Space - Mr New, the infamous reincarnations of the newest newness.
Volunteers 1969 Jefferson Airplane - We can be together. Southhampton College Fall 1969.