Kandinsky: Water Colors and other Works on Paper by Frank Whitford

Vasily Kandinsky was one of the most pivotal figures in the developement of modernist painting. He was born in the mid 19th century, and by the time of his death in 1944, he had played a key role in revolutionizing the nature of European painting, and had laid the groundwork for other future movements.


Rembrant by Himself by Christopher White, Quentin Buvelot

Rembrant Van Rijn (1606-1669) may not have been a hansome man, but he was an exceptional painter of himself. This sumptuous catalog published to coincide with the exhibition of his self portraits at the National gallery in London, has glossy reproductions of all the paintings and etchings.


Frances Bacon: A Retrospective by Dennis Farr

This book accompanies the traveling retrospective that inaugurated the newly opened Yale center for British art in January 1999. Frances Bacon (1909 - 1992), the eminent British painter known for his large, colorful & grotesque paintings of the human body and he was very controlling of what was written about him.



Lee Krasner by Robert Hobbs

At nearly every stage of her 15 year marriage to the universally recognized Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner was quicker to respond to stylistic innovations in the art world than her husband Pollock. They did not catch on in the art world developements that surrounded him or incorporated change.


Women by Ann Leibovitz

Each of the extraordinary portraits made by photographer Annie Leibovitz for her book Women stands on it's own. Looked at together, these photographs of people with nothing more in common than that they are women (and living in America at the end of the 20th century).


The Sixties by Richard Avedon, Doon Arbus

The sixties is the product of a 30 year collaboration between photographer Richard Avedon and writer Doon Arbus, whose images and words combine in this volume to create a compelling portrait of one of the 20th century's most tumultuous decades.


A man in the crowd: The uneasy streets of Garry Winogrand

Each image is filled with detail rich gestures and complex motifs. The best have a certain mystery and evocative power.


Seeing is Believing by Charles Ashley Stainback, Vik Muniz (photographer)

Best described as an artist who uses a camera, Vik Muniz blurs the lines between painting sculpture and photography. He has made a number of different series of photographs in which he constructs images often portraits out of materials such as sugar, chocolate syrup and thread.


Blue Dog Man by George Rodrigue, Tom Brokaw

There's just something about that dog, until now little else could ne said about George Rodrigue mysterious wildly popular icon. Finally in his own words the blue dog man speaks out shedding light on his creation. Going beyond the story of the blue dog's early incarnation.


Art for Dummies by Thomas Hoving

What a priviledge it is to stroll through thousands of years of magnificent art with keen eyed confident supremely knowledgeable Thomas Hoving. The former director of the met who's opinionated charming prose could make anyone feel like an art world insider.


Surreal Lives: The Surrealists 1917 - 1945 by Ruth Brandon

Playful amazing frivolous bizarre as Ruth Brandon points out in the preface to her marvelous Surreal Lives. Surrealism has passed into everyday life as a byword for the strange. However as this wonderfully exhaustive book points out the intellectual and political drive behind the movement.


Sensation: Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection by Saatchi Collection

Sensation is the first definativesurveyof work by the younger generationof Britishartists that has captured the international art world with it's vitality and inventiveness. As a constant and prodigious collectorand patron of young British artists Charles Saatchi has been unique.

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Dali the Paintings by Taschen staff

This is the greatest book ever for me.Like Dali was for Surrealists. He is my favorite painter so any body who like love or just want to know about Dali you can buy this book and you don't need any type of autobiography to find something more.The paintings explain everything.

Rolling with the Stones by Bill Wyman, Richard Havers (contributor) Hardcover
The Beatles Complete Scores - Hardcover

Competing with Integrity in International Business - by Richard T. De George and Richard T. DeGeorge

Book Description: The first book to address the whole spectrum of multinational business ethics, Competing with Integrity in International Business examines moral debates about operating ethically in virtually every major market environment in the world.

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