Warner/Chappell, Fan Fair 2003

Warner/Chappell Music


Wildhorse Saloon, June 6, 2003:


        Kathy and I stay for the late show here at Wildhorse Saloon. We really have no clue what the late show is all about, but as fate would have it we luck out HUGE! I am sure glad now that we stayed for what was to be an incredible, INCREDIBLE show indeed.

       At 11:08 P.M. the host, Michael Knox, introduces the late show. It is Warner/Chappell night, featuring their team of major writers of the biggest current country hit songs. Warner/Chappell is a very special songwriters organization, containing some of the finest songwriters and songwriting teams in country music and the world.

       At 11:23 P.M. the first Warner/Chappell performer is introduced. It is Wynn Varble. Darryl Worley and Wynn Varble co-wrote the huge country hit, “Have You Forgotten.” Wynn performs an emotionally charged version of this tremendous song. The powerful message that is conveyed in the lyrics immediately brings the audience up to a fever pitch. Wynn has a songwriting catalog of approximately two hundred fifty songs.


Wynn Varble


Photo: ©A.J. Alfaro

       The second writer/performer from Warner/Chappell is Jim Collins. Jim wrote the song, “The Good Stuff,” which was recorded by Kenny Chesney. Jim sings, “The Good Stuff,” extremely well. Jim has a songwriting catalog of about four hundred songs.


Jim Collins


Photo: ©A.J. Alfaro

       The next artist is Kim Tribble. He wrote and performs, “On A Mission.” This song was recorded by the group, Trick Pony, and is the title of their CD. Kim puts on a stellar performance. Kim Tribble has a songwriting catalog of about three hundred songs.


Kim Tribble


Photo: ©A.J. Alfaro

       Jeff Bates is introduced next and he is a writer as well as a regular country singer. He plays one of his big hits, “The Love Song.” Jeff Bates sings sincerely and with strong conviction.


Jeff Bates


Photo: ©A.J. Alfaro

       Next up with this amazing team from Warner/Chappell is Wendell Mobley. Wendell has penned such hits as, “How Forever Feels,” recorded by Kenny Chesney and “I’m Better Off,” recorded by Rascal Flash. Wendell does a magnificent rendition of “How Forever Feels.” Wendell has a songwriting catalog of about three hundred fifty songs.


Wendell Mobley


Photo: ©A.J. Alfaro

       The next performer is Jeff Stevens. He performs two of his compositions. He sings, “Carried Away,” and “Carrying Your Love With Me,” which were both recorded by George Strait. His performance is tremendous and the audience is getting more hysterical with each amazing tune. “Carrying Your Love With Me,” is an amazing composition and Jeff really kicks it up good.


Jeff Stevens


Photo: ©A.J. Alfaro

       The band that has been providing the marvelous music for these great songwriters is hot and each musician is an exceptional performer without doubt. The lead guitarist is an amazingly talented and creative instrumentalist for this event.


Photo: ©A.J. Alfaro

       Next up to perform is Rick Ferrell. He puts on an superior performance of his composition, “Something Like That,” which was recorded by Tim McGraw. 


Rick Ferrell


Photo: ©A.J. Alfaro

       The last Warner/Chappell writer/performer is Marv Green. Marv Green has been an integral part of the songwriting team of: Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsey and Marv Green. They have written, “Let’s make Love,” the duet for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw and “Amazed,” recorded by Lonestar, just to name a few. Marv Green’s songwriting catalog numbers more than five hundred. Marv plays a new composition, “In The Blink Of An Eye.” Marv is an excellent performer. He sings sincerely and with deep emotion and exudes a very peaceful and graceful aura.


Marv Green


Photo: ©A.J. Alfaro

       The emcee encourages the audience to show their appreciation for all the previous talent and we all comply to our fullest. This is freakin’ AMAZING! He now starts to introduce some new artists to the Warner/Chappell family. The first performer is Katrina Elam. Katrina starts of with the song, “Unbreakable.” Her vocal delivery is strong, determined and convincing. Her second song is, “Don’t Say A Word.” This is a slow ballad in which her delivery is crying out the lyrics and very emotional.


Katrina Elam


Photo: ©A.J. Alfaro

       The next country duo Britt & Jack, are from Gainesville, Florida. Their first song, “Just Another day In The Doghouse,” is full of energy, catchy and humorous. Their next song is, “You’re the One.” This is a ballad. The vocal delivery is strong and the lyrical content is very heartfelt.


Britt & Jack


Photo: ©A.J. Alfaro

       The next new artist, just signed to Capital Records today, is Emily West. Emily opens with the tune, “I Just Can’t Take It Anymore.” Emily’s vocal delivery is powerful, confident; take no prisoners and invigorating. Her second number, “Try And Run Away,” is excellent.


Emily West


Photo: ©A.J. Alfaro

       Smith Curry is outstanding on pedal steel!


Smith Curry


Photo: ©A.J. Alfaro

       The next group is a father and son act, The Parks. They are tremendous. They sing songs about Texas. The tempo is strong 4/4 time and the dynamic treatment is hot and heavy. Their two strong musical entries are, “Leavin’ Texas, Ain’t Big Enough” and “That Ole Black Top Runs Both Ways.” The audience is thoroughly enjoying each of the tremendous new artists and The Parks are not letting up one bit.


The Parks


Photo: ©A.J. Alfaro

       The final new singer is Jason Aldean. His look is cool and collected and his sound is spirited and uplifting. The ensemble is COOKING! Smith Curry on dobro is sensational. He is standing on the pedal steel thrown to solo. The second tune from Jason Aldean is, “Think About Me.” This is a super exciting country rocker. Jason is excellent.


Jason Aldean


Photo: ©A.J. Alfaro

       The encore song is an amazing choice, “Little Pink Houses,” from John Mellencamp. The entire place is jumpin’ and everyone is dancing! This is a stupendous and spirited rendition of a great American rock anthem. The show is over at 1:10 A.M.

       What a complete blowout! How extremely lucky are Kathy and I to literally stumble upon this incredible concert event. What an amazing first day of music in Nashville, Tennessee!!!! WOW…                             

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