Music Fusion - Jazz and Rock
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Boogie 2000

The Boogie started as a party in 1992 and has now become a way of life. This CD is by far our best seller. All compositions are original music, by the artists indicated.

Jazz: Just A Part Of The Scene

Rock: Dreamer


Boogie 2001

At The Boogie, musicians and their families travel from all over the country to come out and play music. Musicians have even arrived here from London, England to play music, all weekend, with us. This is the most recent Boogie CD. Many fans proclaim this as the BEST!

Jazz: A Horse With No Name


Boogie 1999

This is the first Boogie CD. It is a 2 disc set. This represents the heart and soul of what we're all about.

Jazz: More Than A Friend

Rock: No Woman No Cry


The Upper Hand

A Rock & Roll band for all ages. Talk about charisma, emotion and performance spontaneity, this band has it all!

Rock: Green Eyed Lady

Night By Night, More Than A Friend